February 15, 2011 § 1 Comment

Life is not always sweet. Its bitterness can be numbing.

In the past three days I have learned of a child’s dog getting run over, a family member nearing death, a miscarriage, and a house burning down. Tragedies in the lives of people close to me, or close to those close to me. And today is Valentine’s Day.

Not all hearts are beating red with warmth and good love.

Other times life is just tedious. Striving and striving with little forward movement, much regular frustration. Just being. Doing. Existing. I know this: I am in the very long waiting time now for my own little farm and for my own creative endeavors to reach their colors out into the world, to be greeted eagerly and enjoyed. As a girl this seemed a not-so-impossible thing. As hard as I work now it seems ridiculously out of reach.

But there is sweetness. Not of one kind only – one we pinpoint as romantic love or family – but no, oh no, of oh so many kinds. They can be hard to know when we’re caught in washes of bitterness, but they are there and we can find them.

And this is a blog about that. The sting of hard things given a nod, but the deep and wild flavors of sweetness and light brought forth for joy’s sake. Here comes a collection of words and photos, a seeking into the kind of world I want to inhabit. Here will be the results of imagination and observation and invitation. Let us taste all kinds of honey.



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