March 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am lucky to work in an office full of windows. My desk faces a wall of them looking west towards the mountains.

My apartment windows face west, too. And a bit north.

The downside is that I don’t have much sunlight in my life until the afternoon. It takes coffee and, healthier, water to get me woken up without the rays pouring in.

So I crave sunlight. I like to bathe in it. My sister and I both have this little cat-streak. A sunny spot, a cozy corner, we will find and curl up in. Better yet an open meadow. (So maybe I am more dog than cat. This makes me happy.) The flowers and grasses reach up all around and there is a closeness and an openness all at once.

On my lunch break, these warm March days, I go and lie down in the grass on the south side of our building. There is a ditch where grasses and cattails grow, and a railway that has the occasional train rumbling through. I wonder if the engineer sees me. I wonder what he thinks of this young woman in office clothes sprawled out for her thirty-minute late-winter sunbath.

I bet he scratches his head. Or laughs. Maybe both. Maybe he understands.

I go back to work and the sun has made me a promise, it seems. I won’t be an office girl forever. We have an agreement, me and the outdoors, and we’ll be together much more in the future. In the someday that must, that will, happen.

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