The spring cometh!

March 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today is the first day of spring.

My little plants started coming up in the middle of the week.

Yesterday, I went snowshoeing in the mountains with friends from Iowa. We dressed warmly and gradually lost the layers, hiding coats and mittens in bushes. Sunshine, snow, a farewell-to-winter, hello-to-spring day right before the vernal equinox. With that glorious close moon in the evening. (More to come on that fun.)

Today my roommate and the dogs and I are off for a hike. The dogs will scamper and run and I will want to skip alongside them like an eight-year-old. There’s just that something in the air!

My friend and roommate from my Oxford semester used to say that spring makes her twitterpated. And that seems the exact right description for this feeling. Except the twitterpated-ness is not in regards to any particular men so much as this season itself, of warming breezes and new greens and the smell of wet soil.

I can’t help loving the eagerness of these seedlings. Yes, I know they are leggy. Hungry for the sunlight in this unfortunately northwest-facing apartment. They are graceful, beautiful, yet fragile in their fast-reached height.

I had hoped I might get by without having to invest in a grow light, as it doesn’t fit well within the new churchmouse budget I’m on. But I will need to replant these hard-working babies a bit deeper, cross my fingers, and wisely start new seeds with more light made available to them. There are ways to innovate, and I like to play. This is trial-and-error, this apartment gardening.

The seedlings seem to be willing spring as much as the rest of us. I stretch for the light. We go again outdoors. Happy Equinox! Happy spring.

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