An off-day

March 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Oh tummy troubles. I have cuddled so many little ones through them, with stories and hugs and gentle foods.

One of the downsides of being a grown-up is that you don’t always have someone to comfort and care for you when you’re having an off-day.  No one to call the principal or bring you soup or find a nice pile of books to take your mind off of how yucky you feel.

These days my first thought is how much money I’ll lose by not going to work. So I go. I think of blankets and couches until the hours pass and it is home, finally. Still it would be nice to have a hug to return to.

Today I returned instead to loose soil all over the floor, and half my seedlings demolished by two mischievous dogs.

After putting the dogs outside and vacuuming and glad I was too tired to really lose my temper, I went to the kitchen and its near-empty cupboards. This is not good for a tummy that feels very particular about which foods it can handle.

And then I saw a quite full container of yogurt. Creamy top, smooth, plain yogurt.

The good-for-the-gut kind of food. The “off-ness” I have felt all day suggests, in fact, that whatever is going on in my stomach is something that could use a punch of probiotics. Happy helpful bacteria.

So I poured the yogurt into a ramekin with a dollop of honey and a dusting of buckwheat flour. Normally I’d use oatmeal, but I’m all out, and the finer flour is gentler, anyhow.

Honey to heal. Yogurt to balance. Buckwheat for substance and a little bit of dark flavor.

I ate and it’s at least one nice little reversal of things. Sometimes God and I have a difficult time but I love how He gives us food with its wonderful capacity to nourish and nurture.


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