March 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

They sat weaving dreams

amidst the tall grasses,

leaning against a gray

silo half full of grain.


Everything could happen.

Honeysuckle grew wild in

the silo’s shade. They pinched

its nectar into their mouths.


Late-day sun slid down bare

legs, landing on dandelions

yellow and moon white.


Across the gravel drive

four red heifers looked up.

One flicked an ear.


How could they know?

These girls in ponytails,

the wonders they would

make and miss and find.


Or how the measure of

each blade of grass, slipped

to squeak between fingers

and woven around wrists


was part of all that mattered.

So much would come back

to here. To the long metal

gate, to the staring heifers, to

the floating tufts of dandelions.

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