Rollins Pass and good company

April 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

So much changes when you are in the company of good friends.

I have left many dear ones back in the Midwest and I can’t help feeling the distance. I am making new friends here and they are great. But there is a difference between old and new that can’t be made up for quickly.

When my friend Heather and her husband Jeff came to visit a few weekends ago I felt some old part of me open up again. There was familiarity and comfort. I became at least for a little while less awkward in this state – this state I am still trying to like and belong to.

They adventured on their own for a few days while I chugged along at work. Saturday I got to go play with them. We started with a lazy late brunch at The Huckleberry and then Jeff found a place to snowshoe that was once a train route, with the trailhead just outside the eastern entrance to the Moffat Tunnel. You can read more about the history here. It’s fascinating.

I especially like the tiny yellow church down in the valley. It stands out like a bright reminder of history and hope. See it?

The day was the perfect kind of warm-sunny where you can tramp along in the snow in light layers, and as you heat up with exercise you can even get down to short sleeves for a little while.

It was wonderful to be surrounded by the evergreens.

Jeff left this trail of snowshoe-prints. He went on ahead when Heather and I took a moment to sit on the mountainside and rest. To catch up on stories. To talk as we used to, ideas old and new.

How good it is to have friends who understand who you are, who in some ways are so similar and yet in other ways different enough so that you challenge each other, and complement each other.

We stopped in Nederland for lunch at the Black Forest Restaurant. With its German architecture and menu and the old-Hollywood-movie music piping through, we felt as if we were in The Sound of Music. Outside turned blue into darkness, then black night, with the little lights of the mountain town twinkling through the glass. Coffee from a silver pot. Red-and-white china. Apple strudel, and red-swirled mints to finish the meal.

What a blessed day. To eat well. To talk and explore. To be outside and together.


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