A walk with the water birds

April 10, 2011 § 2 Comments

There is something I love about cleaning on a Sunday. I know, you’re not supposed to as it is a day of rest. Yet I find healing in it. And aren’t Sundays very much about renewing the soul? Making the space around me beautiful renews mine.

So the dogs have been bathed, the carpet vacuumed, the kitchen counters wiped clean, and there is laundry running. Dishes in the dishwasher. I love the sound of our dishwasher; sometimes I wish that it was located in my bedroom so it could swish-swash me to sleep at night.

After cleaning comes a walk at Golden Ponds, for me and the dogs. The water and trees here are such a help. Nothing will be very golden, as outside is overcast, but never mind. Out we go, and away from all the reminders of things to do or have or be.

T. wants to badly to go in the ponds but dogs aren’t allowed to swim here. Colorado doesn’t like dogs in the water in general, it seems. (Colorado. Help me out here.)

The water birds taunt her. Geese. Ducks. Herons. They are laughing and she, she is fighting against every gene in her body. (I must help her with this significantly.) The last time we came I could hardly walk her at all, and we left with me furious and her sulky. This time, we have our two new magical Gentle Leaders and life is better, at least for the dog walker.

M., my roommate’s dog, hasn’t been here before. I think he wonders what geese might taste like. Come here, I just want to chew on your neck for a few minutes, please! Or perhaps he wonders how they might play with him. He prances that husky prance and twirls under his leash but he, and T., are still stuck with me.

I am so glad to have found this water spot. Far from the blandness of beige apartments and factory parking lots.

A cloudy day. A light wind’s chill. Home for afternoon coffee and a stack of favorite books, and two sleeping dogs on the clean floor.



§ 2 Responses to A walk with the water birds

  • Jessica Babcock says:

    I see you have “Good Poems.” Love it! There is also “Good Poems for Hard Times.” Equally fantastic : )

    • Erica says:

      I know! Love love love. I thank Garrison Keillor for “Good Poems” especially, as it came right when I started realizing that I liked poetry – that it could apply to me and now – and that collection helped me to find some favorite poets and styles. Thank you, Garrison! (And all the good poets, the appreciated and the under-appreciated. Jess, I want to see more of your stuff . . . pretty please.)

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