Apple cinnamon muffins. And success.

April 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

I can get stressed when I bake in this state. Darn altitude! Less of this ingredient, more of that one, but not quite that amount, or maybe so. Try, and then see! Failure is not my favorite thing. Flops lead to discouragement.

I have learned to cook, much more, and with much more bravery, since the move. This is a good thing. And I like cooking, the excitement, the flexibility, the way it is almost always best with lots of vegetables. (It is unfortunate that vegetables is such an unpleasant sounding word, isn’t it?)

But baking I have backed away from. And this is sad as I have long found baking to be a great comfort. There is somehow more of family and love in it for me. A sense of home. This is where I live. A place holding the scent of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Crumbs falling on the counter as the cookies get stacked on a blue plate. A loaf of bread under a white tea towel. Pumpkin bars covered in whipped topping, ready to go to a church picnic. 

So I wanted to bake this week, to undo the strain of hectic things, even with the underlying tension of perhaps not succeeding. In my Midwest I rarely worried about rising and dryness; baking largely consisted of throwing things together that would more than likely turn out. My expectation now is that they will not turn out unless I have done everything quite perfectly!

Oh, dear.

Apple cinnamon muffins happened because I had the right ingredients in the house. Also, the apples I’d gotten from the supermarket were all right but really would taste better baked into something.

And they turned out! Lots of apples held together with just a little flour. Eaten warm it’s like apple pie in a muffin. Which is best for the days (nearly all, for me) when you must run out the door to work, and grab breakfast on the way.

Of course, it is nicer to sit down and eat in the sunlight. Slowly.

That is what weekends are for. Pajamas and breakfast. Sweet Saturday!


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