Squash and potato galette. And more success!

April 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

I finally did it!

At last I have made a pastry crust that is the right flaky, crumbly, dry-but-buttery texture in your mouth.

This has been years in coming. Mainly because, not liking to fail, I have tried very, very sporadically and frequently given up.

But this time it worked! Even with primarily whole wheat flour. I had to call my  mother and tell her. I wanted to stand outside on the patio and make everyone who walked past have a taste.

All ingredients were chilled. A key factor. The process was quick and the freezer was sometimes helpful. Thanks go especially to Cory Schreiber and Julie Richardson for their book Rustic Fruit Desserts and its galette-crust-making instructions.

A squash and potato galette seems like such a winter dish, and wrong for spring, but here there are not yet many spring vegetables to be had. Green onions maybe, if you started from seed very early. I have some pea shoots that I am trying hard not to eat completely. Something has to remain for peas to grow on, you know.

So, winter dishes are still to happen in this house. They remain scrumptious and wonderfully hearty, and the nights still get cool enough to make them appropriate, after all.

Meanwhile we buy tomato frames and lattices or fencing for climbing vegetables. We check frost dates, again. We move plants outside for a few hours to get a taste of the fresh air and the real weather.

We dream of the early greens, as we wiggle toes into last year’s sandals.


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