Just a Thursday

May 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

I love blue and white together. My mother got these Delft cow salt-and-pepper shakers for me in one of my many poverty times.

When I look at them I think of farmhouse kitchens, windmill towns, and generosity.

Today had the bluest sky that I’ve seen in ages. The far-away mountains, the ones tall enough to have snow on their peaks, stood out so stark and white, so perfect they seemed to be posing for a picture. (If only I’d had my camera!)

I hate sitting still on all days, but these sorts especially. At least my co-worker and I could eat lunch outdoors. The wind blew our hair around our faces and we watched geese fly to the tops of the buildings across the street.

Sometimes the geese are brave and come up close to the glass front of our building. My desk is right by the entrance, and one afternoon, about the time when you really can’t focus on work very well anymore, one of them tapped, rat-tat-tat, and I jumped up to see. She (or he, you really can’t tell, can you?) got alarmed by me and stepped back, took a little time to consider, then came and tried again.

Oh how I wanted to let her (or him) in! It would have been nice to have a visit.

Miss T. and I of course had to go outside for a walk, and she played in the creek, and then home we came for dinner. Food is so much more satisfying after you’ve done something physical, I think. It feels like you’ve earned it.

So I piled some spinach and cilantro and eggs atop toast with a hot red pepper sauce, sprinkled some salt, and admired the early evening light. How does it do that? Normal things become worth taking a second look.

To be enjoyed thoroughly with the Irish scenery in Leap Year and a contented sleeping dog. I am grateful for these things that make me pause and take notice; to remember that it is not all about cavities and unfulfilled dreams, or even things that might happen but still haven’t. This Thursday is a day of life. One might as well gather all the good out of it that can be found.


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