Home, kind of

June 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Memorial Day weekend took me to . . . Iowa! And Nebraska. We crossed the state border (i.e., the Missouri River) many times over the course of five days. We made sure to stand with one foot in each state on the long, fancy, curvy pedestrian suspension bridge.

My parents and brothers and I crowded into my little brother’s one-bedroom apartment, caught up, knocked elbows, and still managed to make some good food: sloppy joes and very fresh asparagus from the home place!

And bless them, my grandparents drove two hours to see me for a day. We decided that we needed to do something outside, so off to the botanical gardens we went.

It’s like a forest of roses!

They have old trains at the gardens, rather randomly, but also rather appropriately considering Omaha was once a major train hub. If you ever visit Omaha/Council Bluffs you must go to the Durham Museum/Union Station, near the Old Market/Downtown area. In addition to hosting exhibits, the museum is a flash to the past sort of place, drawing from a time when the train station was a frenzy of activity. It’s the sort of place where you (if you’re like me) feel nostalgic for a time period you never actually experienced, and kind of wish you had.

Did you also know that Omaha has a castle? I bet you didn’t.

Joslyn Castle (a.k.a. Lynhurst) was built in 1903 by George Joslyn, owner of the Western Newspaper Union. It’s now owned by the State of Nebraska. And yes, you can have your wedding there – just make sure, ladies, that your gown is princess-y enough. If you want to be truly thematic, the groom should wear a kilt in keeping with the castle’s Scottish Baronial style. (Personally, I prefer men in trousers.)

It was hot and humid and windy and storming a lot of the time and yet so wonderful to see everyone and the familiar landscapes. And it made Colorado both difficult and better to come back to. Today I bought more plants for my patio and T. and I went to the lake and I tried (and failed) to make bread rise (I knew that recipe left out a step!). Right now the sun is hot and cottonwood fluff is floating around in the air. The lady with five little Mexican-named dogs just walked by and the mountains are misty gray in their same silhouette against the sun-bleached sky.

Is this, actually, home? Well. For now.


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