Lost Lake. And finding nature.

June 22, 2011 § 8 Comments

Sunday’s fun: a hike to Lost Lake.

The fabulous Amy Clark – one of my graduate school friends – happened to be in Colorado last week. So on her way back to Iowa she swung by my place and we ventured into the mountains together. Happily she has a Subaru so we could cruise confidently along those windy roads.

The Lost Lake hike is a popular one in the Indian Peaks Wilderness, so we had to squeeze past lots of other cars (mainly Subarus and a few Jeeps) on the narrow dirt road leading to the trailhead.

Before we even got to the trailhead, a woman told us we wouldn’t make it to the lake as there was too much snow.

We shrugged and supposed we might as well go as far as we could.

We didn’t wear the appropriate footwear. But the snow wasn’t so bad! Though the path became a pebbly stream at one point. Ice water and snow on our toes. Our feet turned numb for awhile.

But the lake was beautiful.

And so were the rushing rivers. Lovely, lovely water! Miss T. kept wanting to get in. She ran across rocks to look at the water tumbling down the mountain. Come here! I don’t want you to get swept away.

All that nature. And we did make it the whole way! Only a bit chilly and thoroughly exhilarated by the time we got back to Nederland, a little hippie mountain town near the trail. We ate Indian and Nepalese food and got chai for the drive back down. The cups were warm in our hands even if the chai wasn’t as spicy as we wanted.

Miss T. fell asleep in the car. Everyone was happy.

Back home in my little apartment, I held on to that wild, open feeling of being up there.


§ 8 Responses to Lost Lake. And finding nature.

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