Milk & Honey Bread

June 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am so glad to have largely overcome my fear/frustration with baking at high altitudes.

Today I made a nice basic bread. The recipe comes from Earth to Table: Seasonal Recipes from an Organic Farm by Jeff Crump and Bettina Schormann.

The cookbook harnessed my attention for predictable reasons: a seasonal, organic emphasis combined with stunning photography. But it gets even better, as the book tells farm stories and – great news for those of us who don’t live in California – the chefs are Canada-based. (Check out their Ancaster Old Mill.) What this means is seasonal recipes for some of the most strictly seasonal of areas. That is, places with long winters and short growing seasons. Like my beloved Upper Midwest. Hooray!

While milk and honey bread isn’t all that seasonal a recipe, it did fit my mood for this afternoon. I wanted something light and comforting. Something warm and homey even in these hot, carefree, go-play-at-the-lake summer days.

If you track down this book to make some bread (and other things), take note: I did find that I needed to add more yeast than the 1 tsp. they recommended for the recipe, as well as additional liquid. The liquid makes sense at this high altitude, but generally higher altitudes should require less of the leavening agent. Go for at least 2 tsp. . . . even up to a tablespoon. Let it rise longer if you use less yeast.

Then, you know, bread ought to be eaten fresh from the oven.

And the baker deserves a slice all covered in butter and honey!


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