Views from the Flatirons

July 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last Sunday we took a hike in the afternoon, eager to get out despite the heat we’ve been having lately. Clouds came at just the perfect time to protect us from the summer sun.

Here’s what we saw:

The Royal Arch! Our destination. Many stairs up and some shortness of breath, but sure worth it.

The picture can’t quite show you how big it is . . . you’ll have to go see for yourself when you come out here someday. (Hint. Hint. Come visit me.) We would have liked a shot of ourselves in the middle, but there were so many people – it was such a nice (if hot) summer afternoon for a hike, and we met some friendly outdoorsy folks along the way.

At the top there were skittery little chipmunks tempting all the dogs to chase them right over the edge. Yikes.

Next time we will remember to bring more water. Miss T. didn’t have a bottle for herself, and unlike some of the other trails from Chautauqua Park there were no streams for her to drink from, so we had to share. That day, that hike, it wasn’t quite enough!¬†Fortunately, along this dry trail she managed to find one small shady spot where water had collected on a stone. She settled right in to cool off and quench her thirst.



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