Hooray! It’s Thursday

July 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ah, Thursday. This is my one day of the week to sleep a little bit longer. My official “day off” when I don’t have any designated work to do. Just volunteer time and writing time. Long mornings of drinking coffee, browsing goat breeds, looking at horses for lease, jotting down book ideas, randomly straightening things, and trying (oh, trying!) to organize thoughts into goals and purposeful action.

I have so many things up my sleeve right now, and I am just paying attention to see when the time is right to reveal and actualize them. I’m so tempted to tell everyone all about these things, and I already may have too much already. Dreamers, we sometimes have so many dreams that the flood of them is totally confusing to navigate. And all our friends wonder: Weren’t you going to do this? Or that? Where are you now? Wait, what’s going on?

It can feel a little foolish. But Thursday is my day to lavishly entertain all the dreams and ideas, and then to do something with some of them. Even if only baby, baby steps. Even a tentative toe forward. But sometimes, a jump!

I have always liked Thursdays.


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