Meandering sidewalks

August 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

This morning I got out of bed and before doing anything else (other than throwing on something to wear), I grabbed Miss T.’s leash to take her out for a walk. Forever I have been promising myself and her that we would start mornings with a walk through the neighborhood, and forever this has been an off-and-on thing – much more “off” than “on.”

So out we went, with me still bleary-eyed and really hoping not to see anyone who might happen to care how I looked, or make me care how I looked. Whatever. Tassie pranced along and I went after, and in my my head I kept thinking, “See, this is a good thing. How nice it would be to get up at 5:30 each morning before work and just have this space of time to be with my dog and pray and ponder. It would be a healthy, slow, energizing, wake-up-and-greet-the-world start, just a bit of time for me and the quiet world, before going forth to dive into work.”

But. Silly suburban neighborhoods! Why must you have illogical routes that curve and wind, and small instead of big trees that don’t offer much shade, and houses that all look the same? I have walked this neighborhood numerous times and still I get lost in there, in its twists and turns and depressingly garden-center-patched-together yards (I’m sorry, I don’t mean to judge, but hardly any of the houses we walked past had interesting landscaping and I don’t think even one had a vegetable garden – mainly we saw the same annual flowers over and over – and oh how boring. Come on, use that wonderful space that you have for food and creativity! You’re so luck to have it, and the opportunity to tend it. For the far-too-busy, maybe you can find a business like this one to help: Love and Carrots. What a cool idea!). Walking on. Where were we? And why were we here? And would we get out? The houses even blocked the mountains so that I had to stand on tiptoe and peer through gaps in yards to find out where west was. (Oh. Or I could look at the sun, there’s a thought.)

We walked and walked and the sun got hotter and hotter. T. was panting and I was wrinkling my eyebrows and squinting and thinking of ice cubes. Sun! Go away! And it actually sort of did. A scattering of clouds and a breeze pushed through right about the time I was wondering if we’d ever find our way back or would just have to wander through suburbia for the rest of the morning until I got over my pride and slovenliness and asked someone to point us back towards our apartment complex.

Some curved road led us back to home, somehow. T. kept looking for shady spots to walk in, for lighter pavement to keep from burning her paws. Thirsty seems to be the prominent state of my body these days, and this was cold lemon-water thirst. My morning desire for hot coffee was pretty much gone. I am sorry to say that, in fact, I had a mango popsicle for breakfast and should make something more nutritious next, but eating isn’t much fun in the summer heat.

The whole “peaceful morning walk” idea didn’t uphold itself, today. But we may try again tomorrow. 5:30 a.m. will be earlier, but also cooler, than 8:30 a.m. And afterwards, it is satisfying to know that my girl is exercised and content for the rest of the day, and I can do my thing knowing I’ve started off well.


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