Summer sunlight

August 23, 2011 § 2 Comments

I am glad for the evening sun.

Right now it is making the living room pink and gold, filtering through the railing, the blinds and windows, the white curtains. It isn’t burning. It seems gentle.

Tamed. But only for a few short moments, and the night of sleep. Tomorrow, the sun will be back up in its high throne of sky, sending its beams down to Boulder County. I will hope for a shelter of clouds.

This has been my second summer in a row of hating the sun. I used to curl up in sunlight, crave it, those Minnesota years, when summers were short and hot days were, relatively, few. Now I hide from it. I do want to be outside, but I do not want to be baked, fried, or scorched.

I spent the past week in South Dakota with my family. And there, I seemed to learn to love summer again. Was it chance or is it simply so much cooler up there? I don’t know, but the days were how I remembered summer days being, with some heat and light but not in a way that assaulted you; frequently now and again a cool breeze; a chilly cloudy day and afternoon thrown in just for good measure. This. is. summer. It felt like relief, to know that I wasn’t crazy, that I hadn’t passed some un-fun grown-up marker that makes you not find the fun in summer anymore.

I just don’t like summers in states any further south than, well, Minnesota.

Where, or where, is my wintery home? My red cabin in Wisconsin or Vermont? My piles-of-snow winters and loons-on-the-lake summers? I can’t seem to stop longing for them.

Everyone else in my family is tired of long winters and would prefer to move south. And I would prefer to live by my family. (I cried for an hour this morning when I left them at the campground. If you count on-and-off again crying, more like three. Yes, it’s true.) So where will we be? It’s sad for me to think of future summers where I hide inside during the high afternoons, and only venture outdoors in the mornings and evenings. I’m remembering summer camp and how the afternoons were free time, so out we’d go tromping down the hill in swimsuits, our brightly-colored towels flung over our arms. Sometimes even shivering before we got in the water! Sure enough, there could be hot stretches. But not hot months after months.

Maybe I will adapt. And maybe summer vacations to northern climates will have to become a routine.

Meanwhile, I am glad for this one.

(I can’t wait to share all the pictures with you! Soon.)


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