Words and The New World

August 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today I am in and away from the sun. In the shade, on the couch, with coffee. A day for writing and editing. A little cleaning, and watching The New World.

Each time I watch this film I wonder why it isn’t better known. It seemed hardly publicized, and perhaps that’s because it isn’t the sort of movie that aims to please the mass market. This is not the next thriller or chick flick, though those have a kind of place in our enjoyment of things. But this is pure art.

The New World Trailer

The New World Clip

A gentle, quiet exploration. Stunning scenes and scenery. Understated, powerful emotion.

It is a gift, this sort of film. I want to send notes of thanks to the director. Watch it! But not late at night, or when you’re tired . . . at times it’s so soothing in its beauty that it might lull you to sleep, like a good story. Like a well-crafted poem.

You’ll see the stark contrast between the colony of the white man and the nature-life of the Native American.

You’ll feel love and its aftermath.

You’ll visit the New World in its brilliance.



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