August 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

This morning I lingered in the bath. There is something just wonderful about slowly squeezing water from a soapy sponge, letting it slide down your skin and wash you clean.

So many metaphors ask to be brought up here. I love them all. I don’t know about all that “What’s your element?” stuff but I do feel like water and I, we somehow go together. If there is any truth to it water would be mine. I grew up alongside Minnesota lakes, wading in the shallows, easing in the coldness in the impatience of late May, slipping out to swim at midnight during summer camp, so maybe that’s why. It seems wrong to be without water access, to not be able to freely immerse myself in it all summer long, with no ridiculous fees to pay for the privilege. This is part of why Colorado has been hard for me; and part of why Coot Lake, though only swimmable for Miss T. and wadeable for me, has been such a relief and gift.

I could go on about the environmental problems we’re facing and how water is among the most important of issues. But most of you know those things and others have written plenty about it already. I did, for a class in undergrad, and I don’t really feel like reliving that experience, honestly! A great organization I’d recommend if you care about water issues, though, is Blood: Water Mission. I supported them for awhile when I could, and right now I can’t, but I meant to go back to it eventually. You can find a list of other water-oriented organizations at Water for the Ages.

It’s also perhaps a bit insensitive of me to regale everyone with my love for water when back east water is causing so much damage. Flooding has, in the past, harmed my beloved Midwestern states as well. Still, I can’t fault the rivers and the rain. Weather happens. Some of the damage we might have prevented through our own actions, some of it not. But I’d far rather a rainstorm than a sandstorm. We will recover. We’ll get stronger. One of the marvelous things about the floods that happened in Missouri and Iowa a few years ago was watching how communities came together. It is always good to see people caring about other people. Proof of love.

As I’m all clean from my bath and feeling cool and happy, my soul seems to be asking for a scrub as well. This song by Needtobreathe is one that I’ve played over and over, have had as my ringtone, and can’t stop going back to now and again. When I start to accuse myself of being broken, start to feel that I am valued for what I am or am not able to do, start to think failure and disappointment are all the future might hold, this song gives me a reminder of who I am.


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