Wind and calm

August 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today at the horse barn, as we moved horses from pastures to paddocks and paddocks to stalls, and contented them with their evening feed, in blew a great gust of wind. And another. It forced us to squint, to turn sideways, to push hair out of our faces. At times I could hardly see for the dust that went blowing around.

“It feels like I have dirt in my teeth!” I told my coworker, as we maneuvered our way through horses who, fortunately, remained fairly calm despite nature’s fuss and fury. Inside the stalls the shavings spun into mini-whirlwinds.

White-grey skies. A few handfuls of raindrops blew sideways with the wind. Doors closed for a quiet barn.

Back home, I found cedar shavings in my hair.

As I pulled them out I couldn’t help grinning, thinking, What a funny small thing to make me happy this day!

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