Variations on a BLT

September 27, 2011 § 2 Comments

Yes, still more tomatoes. And still greens. The lettuce and arugula look lovely, and we keep holding onto them long as we can before the weather gets too cold.

I am waiting today on things that make me both anxious and hopeful. Some explanations may come in early to mid-October, but for now I am keeping quiet and making sure to try and choose decaf coffee. Saying more prayers than usual. Reminding myself, You have much to give. Go confidently.

And it’s funny, but eating helps. I don’t mean the desperate emotional eating (yes, of course, I’ve been there), but rather good eating that offers something else to focus on. Something to make, successfully, artistically, with enjoyment.

One of the nice things about bacon is that I can open a package and have decent single-person servings of meat over the next few days, in an assortment of ways. (It’s lazy, but I sometimes feel annoyed when I make a big ol’ roast and of course can’t eat it all, and have to take the time to cut it up and store it and then feel pressured to eat it when really, roast once a week is good enough for me. At least there is the freezer.)

A former Iowa State classmate, Marissa Landrigan, is celebrating bacon this week at her blog, We*Meat*Again, which is a funny coincidence since I’ve been on a bacon streak this past week myself. Have a look at what she’s up to! And here are a few new ways you might enjoy a classic sandwich:

1. My new favorite tomato is called the Cherokee Purple. When I first bit into it I couldn’t help thinking how remarkable it would be on a BLT – it seems like it wants to be paired with meat in general, and bacon in particular. Instead of lettuce, though, I paired the bacon and tomato with Swiss chard and arugula. So I guess that makes it a BASCT. Slather mayonnaise on some whole wheat bread and there you have it.

2. Remember the sourdough I got at the market last weekend? Time to cut in. I always feel like sourdough wants to be toasted . . . but I don’t have a toaster (I know, I know!) . . . so I popped the bread in the oven for a few minutes while the bacon sizzled on the stove. Put lots of mayo on one slice, and some soft Colorado farmer’s cheese (check out Rocking W) on the other slice, and in between, thick slices of a yellow Persimmon tomato, more Swiss chard, and of course the meat. This one may have been my favorite. The farmer’s cheese in there was divine!

3. This morning I awoke hungry and with a headache, so I went for a hearty BLT breakfast of the gluten-free variety. I took the basic ingredients (Romaine lettuce, bacon, and a red Zapotec tomato) and piled them together over a corn tortilla, then topped it off with some basil leaves and blooms (our basil is going to seed – and you can eat the flowers if you like). It was good, but I have to admit something seemed to be missing. Next time I think I’d add feta to give it more of a salty bite. Maybe even salsa. Or an egg. And break up the bacon so it’s easier to eat with a fork. Improvements can only be made if you’re willing to try things, right?

With my plate full, I popped open my computer to watch a good show, paged through a magazine, and ate up. It helped to have this moment in this time. You give a gift to yourself when you eat nourishing, delicious food. Really, the world is giving a gift to you, and you’re accepting it, appreciating it, and equipping yourself to give back.


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