Walking that November shore

November 8, 2011 § 2 Comments

Who could not go outside on a day like today? Despite those two heavy snows, fall is stretching itself out. This a day of blue sky, a wind just cool enough for a scarf and sweater, and the earth in textures of all kinds, in shades of brown and gold. But still I didn’t go outside right away, found other things to do, and soon had two dogs tousling around on the floor, interrupting their play to coming over to me with whines and eager eyes, begging me to be sensible. How many more days will we have like this? And even if the answer is a million, why waste them, anyhow? I set down the computer, picked up the leashes, and off we drove to the lake.

Maple is my roommate’s new puppy, a German Shepherd mix with floppy ears and soft puppy fur. She has disrupted my 4-year-old golden retriever’s calm existence, but I am so glad to see T. playing, and I am quite sure that she loves it.

T. is always, always happy to be at the lake. Maple is curious about this strange new place, but tentative, and she would start to whine whenever T. would get too far from her. She kept standing between my feet to look around – a safer place to see the world from, seemingly. Now and then she’d scramble to be picked up. And then she started to venture out and come back. So many smells! Sticks and grasses to chew, mud to tromp through, water to feel on the paws. And eventually she threw herself into play, in spurts of running and stopping, until she got so tired I had to carry her part of the way back.

I had an eye on the dogs but kept getting distracted by the scenery. The mid-day light. The last leaves clinging to trees and shrubs, fallen on grasses and pathways and water.

Sleepy dogs mean well-exercised dogs, this afternoon, and a productive time for me. I’ve got writing and recipes on my mind. Things to tend to now that I took the time to look around, to see the world and record just a moment of it, to value what is here as well as what I might put into my own future.


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