Happy holidays from (kinda) Home Depot

December 15, 2011 § 2 Comments

Have you all seen that Home Depot commercial? The one where you take an old, empty window frame, paint it red, insert c-hooks, hang ornaments, and place the finished product on your fireplace mantel? I must have seen it about a hundred times, and kept thinking how fun it was.

So one random day, when I was feeling like I needed something satisfyingly tactile to accomplish, I looked around the apartment and considered how I might imitate that idea. I roped my roommate in and we set to imagining, planning, and crafting.

We didn’t have a paneless window frame, but we did have a trellis that I hardly used this growing season and didn’t plan to use again. I sawed off the legs and we painted it with a Martha Stewart silver-blue glitter. Three coats and we had the sparkle we wanted!

Then we selected fabrics and ornaments, and tried out a few arrangements until we discovered what we liked best. Instead of traditional red and green, we favored silver, blue, white, a little red, and a little brown.

We screwed in the c-hooks (which was harder than you’d think), hung the ornaments, glued the fabrics, and put it all on display above the fireplace.


§ 2 Responses to Happy holidays from (kinda) Home Depot

  • Woah… seriously some awesome home project/crafting going on here!! I wouldn’t even attempt this, good for you!! I was thinking those little hooks would be tough to get in straight, etc. Very pretty on your wall and you can change it seasonally:)

  • Erica says:

    Thank you! And yes, I was thinking the same thing about rotating with the seasons.

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