Rabbit Mountain

January 5, 2012 § 4 Comments

This warm weather is too weird for early January. But if it’s going to be here, then I’m going outside in it. After getting the horses all fed and turned out, I headed home to fetch Tassie for a hike before I got too settled in and too lazy to go back outside. (I love my cozy moments of sipping coffee on the couch.)

We went to Rabbit Mountain instead of our usual hike round the lake, just for something different.
The thing about Rabbit Mountain is that it’s rather odd, and to me, slightly uninviting. You drive in towards a series of small slopes and notice at once how strange the color is all around you. The whole landscape is a kind of pale yellow-green-tan, dry, rough.

I’d be lying if I said I find great beauty here. I don’t. It is arid and exposed, and the sun beats hard. I find myself wishing for streams and the shade of deciduous trees.

Still, the place is interesting in a desolate, old West kind of way. And it makes for a nice hike, the effort of going upward, the breath coming faster, the very healthy-feeling beating of your heart.

And what’s this?

A yellow brick road?

So warm, today, that I had to take off my long-sleeve hoodie and hike in my tank top and jeans – and I wished those jeans were shorts, so badly that I looked down to consider if the holes in the knees were big enough that I might rip the legs off below (they weren’t).

We found a few patches of snow where T was able to cool down. She panted from the weight of her winter coat and working against gravity. She snorted and rolled in and ate the snow for relief.

Down we came with oxygen in our lungs and blood and a few more photographs on the camera.

Another place to have seen, to have traveled across, to add to our collection of notes about the world.


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