And then my car broke down

February 8, 2012 § 1 Comment

It’s true. We got stranded on Highway 20.

Do you know how many times I have joked about my fear of being stranded in the middle of Nebraska?

Fortunately, this wasn’t quite the middle. Rather about 3 hours from my parents’ home in NW Iowa. I called my father, as I tend to do in these situations. He said, calmly and kindly, “I guess I’ll have to come get you.”

Then he spoke with his brothers, and it turns out I was only 80 miles south of them. All Dad’s family lives in South Dakota and I never felt so glad of it till now! Two uncles came to get me with a trailer in tow. I spent the night at Grandma’s surrounded by all her familiar things and was grateful.

The other nice part is that while we waited to be rescued on Highway 20, we happened to be right next to a recreational trail. So T and I had a good walk, appreciated Nebraska for a little longer, and tried not to think about The Blue Belle’s demise.

But she is, in fact, done for. At least in regards to me! It isn’t a fix I can make or afford, so she’s up for sale (for the mechanically inclined).

Time to save. Well, first to get a job. Then to save. And to think about the possibility of a pickup.


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