March 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

In Iowa March usually thaws and snows. Thaws a hesitant little and snows a whole lot. Then thaws with a bit more confidence, to be set back perhaps with another storm or two. Doesn’t it? I keep waiting for the freak blizzard (which really isn’t freak) and yet it doesn’t come. This year March has surprised us with a steady stretch of 80-degree days. Follow that with mild/warm temperatures, overcast skies, and intermittent rains.

The world greens quickly.

We seemed to notice each phase of green overtaking tan, of grasses rushing out of dormancy to full spring life.

I swear I could see a difference in the depth of green from day’s beginning to day’s end.

Now we have small lilac bushes putting forth buds.

The trees in the orchard prepare for leaves. Flowers and fruit to follow.

The strawberry patch is dotted with merry saw-toothed leaves.

I smell dirt. The damp of grass. Inside we drink tea, but outside we abandon jackets. We wipe muddy paws, and leave shoes at the door.



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