Friday the 13th

April 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

All day has been overcast, with a few steady soft hours of rain and now the insistent wind howling outside the house. I’m sitting in front of the wood stove with a tall mug of coffee and a bag of chocolate chips. And A Severe Mercy beside me, which is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read, and a comforting place to go at the end of a day.

Yesterday I worked most of the day outside, me and my red truck and my shovel. I have a plan for a small hill all run a-muck out here, and yesterday the paper-planning found its way into action. Beauty and health come through hard work sometimes, just as they seem to come effortlessly other times. Anyway, I will do my part here. The feeling you get, settling down onto the couch with a cup of coffee or a glass of water, after hours of physical work – there is nothing else like it.

This afternoon I did nuts-and-bolts tasks, a bit of organizing, and then I found myself at an art event in little Amery, WI. I’m so pleased to say there is a talented and vibrant group of artists coming together here, and I met some quite lovely people while browsing watercolor cranes, clay pots, and prints of draft horses. We had asparagus wrapped in fillo dough with a touch of oil and lemon, and of course the wine was circulating. A few jars of pickles and jam were for sale beside handcrafted cards. The feel in these places is active, and awake. It seems to me that so many creatives have an intentionality about seeing the world. Even, perhaps, if they don’t know it.

Friday night. I am happy to be here with my book, and my plans, and my determination to keep my eyes open.

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