Little brother’s wedding

April 27, 2012 § 1 Comment

He still seems too young to me, but he always will, I think. He’s the little brother and it can’t be that he’s a grown-up. Even though he’s got a grown-up job, a grown-up apartment, and now, a wife. He makes his own decisions. He makes his own life. My job is to let him, and support him, and love him. (And sometimes play the big sister, even so.)

My sister and her husband and I hopped in their Taurus for a 9-hour drive down to Missouri, where we were met with heat and sunshine. We ate pasta with asparagus and white sauce out on the deck overlooking the Lake of the Ozarks.

Oh, water and boats.

The next day we had some time to explore Lake of the Ozarks State Park. (When you are the sister of the groom, as opposed to the sister of the bride, your wedding responsibilities are somewhat less extensive, so you can do these things!)

The day was misty and a little chilly, but it felt good to get out and hike together.

We saw dogwood trees and columbine. We scrambled up rocky bluffs.

Ah, green.

Some of us dawdled. Others were pressed for time: last-minute shopping for gift wrap and jewelry needed to happen before dinner!

I tend to resist rehearsal dinners, being a little on the shy side. They sometimes seem like an obligation to spend more time with people when the whole wedding day is going to be a crowd for hours and hours. And yet I’ve nearly always enjoyed the rehearsal dinners I’ve gone to. Know why? (1) They usually feel more relaxed than the wedding day proper. (2) You get to know people. Particularly, the family and friends of the person that is marrying the person you are really there for. In the best circumstances, this is a happy and encouraging thing! I don’t know my brother’s wife’s family at all, so it was great to spend dinner chatting with her aunt and uncle, talking about horses with their daughter, and listening to the grandmother’s stories.

Ah, and then the wedding day. This involved some reception set-up and some pictures. And moseying around while other people took more pictures.

We even had an early afternoon siesta on the beach.

Then, le mariage.

Laughter and tears, as always.

At the reception we told stories about growing up with these crazy kids that had now just married each other. And you know those baby-to-wedding photo montage videos? I know everyone does them, but they still get me. Especially, of course, this one. Flashes of memories of my brother over all this time that I’ve known him. Realizing that our lives, because we’re siblings, will always be intertwined. We shared childhood. And seeing Kim grow up gave us a glimpse into her experience of the world. She and Chris made the cupcakes (my favorite was the chocolate with cream filling) and after we all scarfed dessert, the newlyweds headed off for the Virgin Islands.

Where they still are, probably standing knee-deep in turquoise water. Lucky ducks.

And we, their friends and family, are back here, waiting to support and love them in this new journey. Congratulations, you two!


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