Success & happiness

August 29, 2012 § 2 Comments

I have been thinking a lot lately about success and happiness. And how they contribute to one another, or don’t, and whether they should, or shouldn’t. It occurs to me that if one’s happiness is influenced by one’s success, then it becomes very important to consider what success, in that person’s mind, actually consists of.

Is it a rank, status, or position attained? Is it a task perfectly completed? Or is it a task well-attempted, with lessons learned along the way? Is success reached by doing something with confidence even though it’s scary, or with a cheerful attitude even though it’s unpleasant? And how often do all these things change?

What are the expected outcomes in place when you are measuring yourselves, dear ones, and are they right? Are they fair to the reality of where you are, in all your human imperfection, in all your human potential?

You see I have more questions than answers. But the questions are the sign of the journey, and being willing to wander that way is a success in itself.


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§ 2 Responses to Success & happiness

  • Beka Swisher says:

    Holy Smokes girl – these are the types of questions I drive Pete nuts with – I LOVE to ponder through these things and don’t necessarily need to come to a conclusion, but just like to think through the possibilities….love how you have phrased these thoughts –

  • Erica says:

    Thanks, Beka! I can’t seem to help myself from thinking about such things . . . which also seems to be the case for you!

    You know what “success” comment really made me stop and think? Somewhere in my early twenties, I was reading a faith/devotional book and the author pointed out that successful Christianity is not about measuring quantifiable results (souls saved or people served, for example) but rather, it’s about obedience – responding to God’s call for your life, and leaving the results to Him. I think Brennan Manning would add to that by saying success as a Christian is primarily allowing yourself to experience the love of the Father, continuously and in the face of failure, and extending that love as one can only through the fullness of experiencing it. That kind of rocked my world!

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