She went to North Carolina

November 9, 2012 § 2 Comments

The idea of it kept coming up. So I went.

There are cows in North Carolina!

Also, there are lakes and beaches.

Water is very, very important, you know.

I wonder what was here?

I stayed with my friend Carrie in such a pretty neighborhood in the middle of Raleigh, inside the beltline. Tall trees and beautiful houses.

Tres charmant. Wouldn’t you feel cozy here?

I now know what they mean by southern comfort, southern charm, and southern hospitality. I went, I wandered, I saw what I needed to (though I didn’t get to visit the farm with Percherons. Oh, well.). I was so busy driving and looking and trying not to get lost (some of us still stubbornly refuse GPS and smartphones) that of course I didn’t snap enough pictures.

But I did get a full helping of red brick buildings, white steeples, historic paths, and a good barefoot run across that white sand beach of Jordan Lake. I jumped in on a sustainable-friends potluck and I visited Piedmont Biofuels (and met Lyle Estill, author of Small is Possible). I tried not to laugh at the accents (but usually failed to keep back a smile.) I ate well (thanks to Carrie, several food co-ops, and Anna’s Pizzeria) and drove a Fiat and learned a little more about this part of the country. What an interesting place.


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