Big Snow

December 10, 2012 § 2 Comments


So much snow fell yesterday and into today. 15 inches, maybe?


Imagine you are here. You would slide into long johns and boots and mittens and take great strides through the snow with the dog and me.


The snow came nearly up to Tassie’s belly in some places. It covered our boots. It put tall caps on the beehives.


It is the kind of snow that makes you work around it, that makes you clumsy, that makes you pause and look at how the world around has changed. The kind of snow that makes you laugh and even shimmer a little bit yourself.


I think everyone around here is secretly or not-so-secretly thrilled. I swear there is more spring in our steps, more cheer in our voices. Last winter had scarcely a decent snow in this part of the country, and so this one feels like ice cream long waited for. It tastes sweet.


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