Muddy water morning

June 28, 2015 § Leave a comment

Summer is so much intensity. Heat, people, pouring sunshine, gardens demanding water and weeding, animals thirsty and shade-seeking.

There is great fun in summer – brightness, discovery, and a raucous kind of play, play, play outside! But it also comes with a push that, for some of us, needs to be ducked away from now and again.

photo 1(2)

Sunday mornings become the place to find cool and quiet.

This one was a slow walk in tall boots, a slight breeze, moss and muddy water at the lake’s edge.

photo 3

photo 1(3)

Sometimes you have to look for what you need, to remember your right to it, to find the space and the time somewhere in the week for a place beautiful and damp and cool and still.

Having a jar of coffee in hand doesn’t hurt. A companion happy to splash in the water doesn’t, either.

photo 4

photo 5

photo 3(1)

This Sunday prayer seems to be hanging in the air around me. A Creator’s creation offering what I need: trees bending in the breeze, scattered sun over the water, and the soaking-wet, frolicking gladness of a good dog.


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